Beijing and its history

Beijing, as it is called the capital of China, its history goes back 3000 years ago. Beijing is located about 110 miles northwest of the Gulf of Bo Hai, the center of the Province of Habei and has about 7.7 million inhabitants. It is the political center of China, it can also boast of global unique cultural heritage. Continue reading »

The success of the Chinese economy

While Europe is struggling with the economic crisis and recession, the economy of China grew last year of 9.2% of GDP. What drives the Chinese economy? Certainly we can say that the success of the Chinese economy was not five or ten years back, and much more. This situation is the result of the policy, which has to insult 1.3 billion citizens. Currently, China is the second biggest economy in the world and ranks just behind Japan. Continue reading »

Singapore in the company of an Asian woman

Well it’s surprising how a place can change due to the company we are in.  In Singapore I was in the company of my work friends and as they were behaving just like in their local pub, which was crude, boring, just like in some run down dump , well just something I could well do without. Continue reading »