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Hello from the Bruno spaceship.

3 more months have passed and there happen to be a few updates worth mentioning – so here it goes:

Most recent…

I have been in the studio with Sammy Dee for the past three months and we had a very amazing and productive time. The results being a 2-track 12″ coming out on Perlon (#60) at the end of January and a 2-track 12″ on Hello?Repeat coming out in March. We are calling our project Half Hawaii. We had such a good time that we decided to make a live show out the experience. We will be playing our first show as Half Hawaii at Panorama Bar in Berlin at the monthly Get Perlonized party. We are available for booking after February 2. If anyone is interested in having a techno luau in their town, please contact the very pleasant Sarah at Eardear Booking


At the end of Dec – Early January marks the return to the excellent Hello?Repeat Label with a new 12″ called “There’s Galaxies Better.” This EP includes yet another Melchior Production monster remix – wow! With an addition track called “Our Holiday Clothes.” Lots of vocals on this one – tongue and cheek style – do you like Prince? I do. Poodles, too.


I am very happy and pleased to have had the opportunity to remix Baby Ford and Benno Blome for a new Sender single due out in January – this one is entitled “Smoke Machine.” More on the remix front: Having the opportunity to get my hands on the great sounds of one of our favorite new Argentinean producers Seph for the very nice Spanish label, Esperanza.


Now that I have settled in Berlin and found my safe corner, I have decided to turn off my phone, shut down the mail server and start working again on some of my own music. Revisiting some old tracks, making some new ones. I think it’s time to start in on a full-length which I hope to wrap up by the middle of next year for Jan Krüger’s Hello?Repeat label. You know, spread out: play some piano and stuff.


It looks like most of the shows happening at the moment will be in Europe – a few options in the US, but nothing confirmed at the moment. You can always visit the shows page here to see if I’ll be eating salad in your town.

Okay, I think this is it for the moment. Everyone take care and enjoy the holidays- AND don’t forget to kiss your poodles!


Hello, Friends.

I just wanted to stop by briefly and say hello and make a few announcements concerning up-coming releases and shows.

Last Friday was the release of the latest Bruno record entitled ‘Lady Collage,’ on the ever-so-nice Orac label (www.orac.vu).

This is some what of a change in style from my last three records released this year. Many people are calling it ‘weird,’ or ‘strange.’ But to me it’s just a bit more epic and musical.

There is a new Philpot (http://www.philpot-records.net) coming out in a couple of weeks as well, entitled ‘We Were…’

In progress:

I’m putting the final touches on a new Hello?Repeat 12″ tentatively titled ‘She’s So Cosmopolitan’…This should be out in the next 2-3 months. Jan and I have worked pretty hard on this one to nail the perfect two funk-barn-stormers, siffting through, at last count, 14 tracks to get the perfect two.

Sammy Dee and I head into the studio in mid-september to do some music work together. We’re both pretty excited to get in his studio and see what happens. I can’t help but think that it will be pretty magical – who doesn’t love Sammy Dee?

So, I’m headed back to Europe on the 31st of August where I’ll be calling Berlin home for a bit.

At the moment the show schedule looks something like this:

09.09 – München – Harry Klein
21.09 – Moscow – Shanti
30-09 – Brussels – Witloofbar @ Botnique
02-10 – Berlin – Weekend Club – w/ Sammy Dee & Zip
21-10 – Amsterdam @ Rain

Switching booking agents has been nice and fairly easy. But due to the last minute switch over – we’re still looking for more dates in Sept/Oct/Nov. If you would like to book Bruno for a show, just use the contact form in the booking/contact section.

I wish you all an excellent end to summer. Chirp Chirp!

Hello, All.
Yes, I’m awful with these updates…As usual, another extended length of time has passed since I sent out one of these. I’m trying to be more efficient, but alas…Music & Stuff.

First, I wanted to thank ALL of the nice people who came out to the shows in Europe the past 3 months – it was really an amazing time…So thanks for making that happen. On that note, however, I am in the process of finding a new booking agency and hopefully will be back in Europe (for good) by September or October.


I have several releases coming out in the next 6 months or so that I’ll try to shed a little light on here. As releases dates are such an abstract thing these days, I’ll be really vague and say something like (summer, fall, winter, spring). How’s that?


Now – Telegraph: The Einhorn EP – A collaboration with the Bavarian Prince, ‘Dario Zenker’. We locked ourselves up for a couple of days and played around on computers, synthesizers and drum machines – this was the result. A kind of improv thing. It was fun. Thanks to Maria Perez for the super ‘ Unicornios’ in there!

Summer – Underl_ne: Osvaldo – ‘No More Vampires.’ I went through a kind of dark phase, bought a cape, grew some fangs and made this record. Since it has a different feeling than my other records, I thought a name change would be nice…so, Osvaldo was it – I can thank Franco Cinelli & his pops for that one.

Mid-Summer – Philpot: We Were… This is a three track number with a re-release of a track called, ‘All Night, Blah, Blah,’ that was originally on my Silver Cities LP. It has some really neato vocals by our man, and Orac Records chef, Randy Jones aka Caro. In addition, there is an outstanding remix of said track by the always impressive Jackmate. Wow. Then one new one called, that’s right, ‘We Were…’

Late Summer – Orac: Lady Collage Orac asked for something very different…I did my best be to be different. These two tracks are the result. Kind of strange, kind of not…Thud, thud…An excellent remix by the other Orac guy Konstantin Gabbro, aka Papa Sang Bass…Hot and slow on the spacecraft.

In The Works

Finishing up a new 12″ for the excellent Hello? Repeat label…Thinking about how to organize studio time with Franco Cinelli to make a new Milnor Modern record. We have one track finsihed…Kind of…


As I mentioned, a new booking agency is in the works for Europe, in the meantime I’ll be doing a few shows in Japan and North America.

Japan: This Weekend

07.15.2006 Tokyo, Japan @ Yellow With Fumiya Tanaka

07.14.2006 Osaka, Japan @ Sunsui With Fumiya Tanaka

North America

07.29.2006 Boston, Mas.

07.28.2006 New York, NY @ The Bunker

08.01.2006 Montreal, Canada (Musique Risquée Night)

08.18.2006 Minneapolis, Min. (with the stunning Jamespatrick & CM Howell)

So, I hope that this will do for a little bit. I’m sure I forgot something…But I know you understand. Thanks for reading this…Have a great summer & big kisses!

Hi Friends.

Another four months of silence has passed and I thought that this would be a good time to send out an update:

I’m nearing the end of my month & half stay here in Europe — and it’s been super fun! But it appears that I will be back in Europe sooner rather later. My last performance here in Europe is March 18 in Amsterdam at Club 11. There is a last minute show in Munich at The Register with Nôze and Dario Zenker this Saturday (11.03.06). I return to Europe again on the 14th of April for another month and half of shows.


Yeah, I know – there has been a lot of Bruno releases. Bare in mind that most of the records being released has been stuff coming down the pipe for a while now. They just all happen to be coming out within months of each other. I really don’t make an EP a day – really 🙂

As of today (09.03.06) there still remains a remix for Miss Kate on the Alphahouse label, which should be out within the next couple of months. Also, next week, on March 13th there will be a release on the up and coming Hello? Repeat label. This EP is entitled, Wade in the Water, Children. It is two tracks with a remix by the always amazing Franco Cinelli. In addition to the vinyl version, we are doing a net release remix of the two tracks. Remixers are Jorge Savoretti (aka George S.) & Sr. Replicante.

On Tuesday you will be able to download the two other remixes for free — and what can I say – they are amazing interpretations.


I have a couple of shows in the U.S. for those nearby coming up April:

01.04 – Boulder, CO at Trilogy Winebar 06.04 – Portland, OR Techno Sol at Saucebox

As I mentioned before, the remainder of April and the end of May I will be back in Europe. Then in July I head to Japan:

14.07. – Osaka, Japan @ Sunsui 15.07 – Tokyo, Japan @ Yellow

If you get a chance and would like to see a performance or two, you can always stop by the shows page.

So, I guess this is it for now.

Everyone, take care


…pardon the absence.

It looks like 2006 is shaping up to be a great year for records & shows. Everything is still in the works, mind you, so keep an eye out on the Discogs Page and Shows Page.

I do know that the Picaro EP on Milnor Modern with my good friend and great producer, Franco Cinelli, will be out in a couple of weeks — look for that in your local shops. The Lime Works, Vol.2 will be out in latter 2005 or early 2006 on Telegraph Records out of Paris . We have the white labels and they sound good. The Philpot record, after some delays, will be out November 17th. After many threats, it looks like it will be finally insulting everyone.

For the time being, those are the big ones as far as releases are concerned. There are a few pieces here and there where I contributed a track, or a track was licensed. I think I’ve filled in the holes now completely on the Discogs Page. If you are interested.

In Feb/March I’ll be heading back to Europe for some promising shows, as I mentioned before, a lot of this is in the works still, so check back periodically and see what’s up. I’m pretty good about keeping the shows updated. So, if anything, check there to see if I’m gonna be near you.

Once I get more details on records and shows, and things have built up to a newsworthy amount, I’ll send out a mail to the list with a summary of shows and up-coming releases.

Also, the very generous people over at Microphono recorded my live set from the Besos party in Minneapolis on Oct. 29th. If you have a free second, go over there and check out all of the hooting and hollering the Minneapolis audience is capable of. The live set is titled promomix 003.
Until then, take care!

My friend Christian from Berlin wrote a very flattering review of the latest Bruno Pronsato record on Orac. He also grabbed some photos and asked me what my favorite records were over at his site. He’ll be asking various producers monthly to contribute their lists…so watch this one — Neato

In addition to the Bruno review, there’s lots of records to read about over there. So please check it out. Very nice design. Easy on the eyes with a clever layout.

Thanks, Christian

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since I updated here – so here goes…

I’m currently gearing up for the Mutek Festival. I think this is probably the most thought out set that I’ve put together – ever. I hope that those of you in attendance will be pleased. Also, make sure you stop by and say hello to myself and Randy from Orac. I will be performing June 3rd during the Nocturne 3 portion of the festival.

There will be a Bruno Pronsato track on this year’s Mutek compilation. You can listen to the track in its entirety here

In other new, I’m currently working on a four single series for Telegraph Records out of Paris. The series title is “The Lime Works.” The first single is all done and being mastered sometime this week. My first release is Telegraph 21. I’m very excited about this one. Not sure of a release date just yet, but I’ll try to keep my ‘discogs’ up-to-date, so when I know you will, too.

Speaking of Telegraph, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the new S-Max coming out very soon — you must hear this. What a great record.


June sees the release of my third release on beloved Orac Records. This one is a two tracker with an out-of-this-world remix from our good buddy Michel Baumann of Jackmate fame. He puts a miraculous spin on the original. I am lucky!

For my German friends, you can read an interview that I recently did with De:bug magazine with our friend Bleed. The interview/magazine will be out this Friday 2005-05-27 at your favorite kiosk and newstand

Okay, so thanks for listening.

It looks as though I just wrapped up an EP for Telegraph yesterday, which is very exciting for me. My release will be Telegraph 21. Not sure of the dates surrounding this release, but as soon as I know — you will, too.

The always kind people over at Groovetrackers asked me a few questions yesterday. If you’d like to read some thoughts on my records, past & present, and just general stuff. Go here and have some tea.

Thanks to Paul Bergenhenegouwen for taking the time to do this.


Things are going really well around the pinkie ring studios these days. I’m still reeling from the Mutek news.

I had a really fun show in Portland with my good friends Strategy, Solenoid, Brian Foote & DJ Randy Jones (Caro).

I just found out that the Ape Masquerade EP for Musique Risquée sold out. Not sure if Kompakt will repress, so grab them from your local store, or order from your favorite on-line retailer, before they are gone forever

Kisses, BP
I had such a wonderful time in Milwaukee — Thank yous go out to the best host in the world — Rick S. Claire & Justin (Screendoor) — hello — and thanks for the great chats and support. You guys all rule.

Milwaukee kids in general, thanks for all of the kind words and dancing!

In keeping with a (kind of) tradition, since I just released the Ape Masquerade single, I wanted to offer up some free music as well — I’m hoping you all grab a copy of the single.

So, I was able to get a recording of the Mantra Lounge show in Milwaukee, fortunately. The file is zipped and ready to go. It’s an hour and half (or there abouts) of music. It was time for the Proton radio set to go away. If anyone really needs a copy and can’t find it on the internet, just hit me up via the “contacts & booking” section and I’ll hook you up…k?

You can find the new live set in Milwaukee here. I’ll update that little link to the right over there soon. Make it easier and more obvious

Anyway, there are some accompanying photos of the show over at my friend Tyler’s Website. Just go to “Gallery” and click on “Bruno Rick Screen” for some exciting photos of me staring at my computer…Uh yeah…

Okay, bye for now.

Kisses, Bruno

For my Mid-West friends, I’ll being playing a show in Milwaukee this Friday (25-03) at the Mantra Lounge with Rick S & Screen door. If you are in the neighborhood, please come say hello.

Lots of great news on the Bruno Pronsato front in the last couple of days.

First off: The Ape Masquerade 12″ on Musique Risquée (06) was released this past Monday (20050321) should be available in stores in the next week or so. You can check some samples in the “sounds” section on this site or head over to the Kompakt site and check it.

Second: I was invited to play Mutek this year, which is huge for me. At the moment I’m not sure who I’ll be sharing this bill with, but I do know that I will be playing Friday, June 3rd. If you are planning on going to Mutek this year, it would be nice to see you front and center.

Let’s have a drink.


Paul Bergenhenegouwen over at Groovetracker wrote a very nice piece on our very discreet boys at Musique Risquée & Zupton — the guys responsible for the crazy covers…Yeah.
It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got this thing up. There are still a few items left undone, but my very nice brother, who built this thing, is on the case.

Anyway, at least now people can contact me directly instead of through Orac. Those guys are great, but they can’t forward everything to me all the time — I guess they have to run a record label or something.

A few items of note just to get things started right: I have several releases scheduled in the coming months. The most recent being, “My Little Pony — Capelli’s Glue Mix,” for Caro’s amazing new EP on Orac.

Next up: “Ape Masquerade” release on Musique Risquée (#06). I’m thinking it should be out late this month (02-2005) or next. You can check some mp3 samples on the discog page. Check back for specifics, as I’ll be posting news when I find out more.

I just finished up a new Orac single that should be rearing its ugly head in May or June. Keep your eyes out for that thing. As an added bonus there is a brilliant Jackmate remix. Seriously.

Speaking of Jackmate. I’m wrapping up an EP for Philpot as we speak. Caro will be taking up some vocal duties on a track, and as far as I’m concerned that always spells M.A.G.I.C.

Work it.

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